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Tansy’s on Main was a culmination of a dream many years in the making. They say things always happen when they are supposed to and this was no exception.

While eating breakfast one Sunday morning, Steve noticed an ad for a restaurant being sold on foreclosure. On a whim, we called the realtor, scheduled an appointment and went to take a look. The next few months were a whirlwind of activity! We purchased the building, cleaned, picked a name, made all the necessary contacts, got all of our licenses in place and here we are, opening our own restaurant!

I have been been cooking for many years, since my kids were born in the mid-80’s. We were always on a budget in those early years, since I tried to stay home with the kids (in amongst other things, I did child care, and ran my own accounting business as well.)  I learned to cook everything from scratch and on a budget, but with good quality ingredients.

I am bringing this philosophy to Tansy’s on Main. High quality ingredients that I handpick. You will never see a semi outside of Tansy’s delivering the same stuff you see down the street.  I picked your tomato and greens, I probably know the farmer who grew your steak.  Every menu item is made from scratch, from real ingredients.  We source locally and organically as much as we can.

This year, Steve and I are running Tansy’s ourselves. To bring the joy back to the process, we felt the need to step back a bit, downsize and limit the hours of operation to make sure we provide you with only the absolute BEST MEAL POSSIBLE! I will usually be serving and sometimes cooking as well. Steve will be in the kitchen Friday and Saturday evenings as well.  You will notice our menu is shorter and we run out of things! This too is to keep your food fresh and amazing always! We start over every Friday! All fresh and homemade, just like if you were eating at Grandma’s house!!

We hope you enjoy your meal at Tansy’s! Your food should make you happy!

Love to you,


Jennifer Monsos and Steve Hornberg


Jennifer Monsos and Steve Hornberg


p.s. We have been asked where the name came from! My oldest daughter, Atanza, was often called Tansy when she was a little girl. It sometimes became Tansy Pansy, Tanza or a variety of other manifestations. She is now 28 and has been working in the restaurant business herself since 2004!


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www.stevecanfixthat.com (on hiatus for a while while Steve recovers from surgery)